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Thousands of Games Under One Roof – Roblox

Roblox is a popular game among children and teenagers since 2006. The game was created by Roblox Corporation and brings various game developers on board. In this review of Roblox, we are going to discuss what is Roblox and why many children are playing the game?

what is roblox

For starters, there are hundreds of options of game, chat, interactive activities, and ceaseless imagination. Players from different parts of world form a group on platform with their online friends. Yet, the game only take a fragment of memory in your device compared to the games and possibilities it offers.

There thousands of games and new games adding on game server each day. The great thing that hooks the interest of gamers is how they can create their own games and worlds.  

Moreover, the avatar in the game can be designed as per preference and liking. You can change the hair, clothes, style, appearance and whatnot. There is no limit to imagination.

It stands true for Roblox though, that there is no limit to imagination. In this age of Meta, as we exploring Metaverse, the game mimics much of future.

So let’s explore what Roblox is all about.

What is Roblox – Everything You Need to Know

It is an amazing strategy and adventure game that is entertaining its user for years. It is often mistaken as Minecraft for its graphics but it is nothing like it. At first the graphic may seem eerie, but soon the eyes get use to the ease and colors of graphics and user indulges in numerous choices of games.

The game developers are constantly developing and enhancing the experience for its users — this is why many years later, Roblox is still favorite for gamers across the globe.

Once a user downloads Roblox there is no way they will be bored. There is a game for all kinds of personalities and preference. The smart algorithm detects and understand what you are looking for after initial search and start showing the result base of search preference.


There are super easy game that may make perfect games for tweens and younger, and then there are complex ones for the intrigued ones and the ones who love more challenges. In short, Roblox is in constant state of developing and the game is growing and evolving with the user.


The game’s interface is extremely effortless. Indeed that is the reason a child merely of seven or eight can navigate easily in the game. The developers of the game truly meant it for users of all age. 

Optimized Controls

The game has stellar controls for touch screen. Al controls are natural and uncomplicated. User can play the game without any glitches in controls of touch screen.

Hundreds of Games

Roblox has over 16 million users who are spoilt for choices. It has games for your choice, preference, and style of game play. Either you are mood to play alone or with community, you have options to go as you please.

As soon access roblox, you get the access to hundreds of strategy, adventures, and social games. If you feel your friend cannot match your skill set you can broaden your horizon and reach out to players across the globe who share similar interest.

One of the most famous games on roblox are:

  • Pet Simulator Adopt Me!
  • Brookhaven RP
  • Work at Pizza Place
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2
  • Tower Heroes
  • Bloodlines
  • Halloween   

You can never get bored because there are so many games and new games uploaded every now and then. There are several educational games on the portal such as:

  • Roblox Titanic
  • World Expedition
  • Plane Crazy

There are countless games for each user. Whether you like arcade, shooting games, role playing, building, and simulation or simply enjoy interacting. Some games are very simple but then are some game which are incredibly hard. Roblox is the right place for all your interests.

What is Robux | Earn from Robux?

Robux is the in-game currency which is different from other games. Let us explain. You see, robux are not free. You can either get them through purchases with your credit card, gift card, or earn it. You can earn robux by finishing certain challenges and by creating experiences. You can later use the Robux to purchase features, and element for Avatar.   


Since Roblox Studio helped earn some serious bucks, children are now inspired to learn coding. There has been a shift in interest to learn python, Adobe, Robotics, and JavaScript among teenagers. Also, the platform organizes events like Award Ceremonies to encourage the creators to always keep trying to achieve successes.  

Promo Codes

The Roblox corporation introduce some deals and codes for its users. These promo codes are feast for gamers as it enables them to unlock various things. The codes are released usually around time of holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Year etc. Sometimes, they are released without occasion or celebrating Roblox game’s birthday.

For updates on recent codes, keep checking here.

Customizing the Avatar

Children over the age of thirteen can login on Roblox Studios and indulge in coding. The coding is done using a simplified version of Python known as Lua. If their game gets recognition, it can become a way to earn money which can then be equated to real money if needed.  

Choosing and customizing avatars became a thing since Xbox introduced it. In Roblox you get the similar experience of customizing and creating your avatar with over 100+ characters. As you select a character you can change the way the look, hair, eye color, attire, facial expressions, body language and whatnot.

roblox avatar

There are some limitations, as you may need to buy some features and gears from Robux. You may need to spend over $100 to get access to all the features, customization and skins in avatar store. The game recently is collaborating with pioneers who are changing the face of fashion, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger.


The graphics in most games are very effortless. They are not top-class graphics, but the ease and usability familiarize with the vision instantly. Uniquely, every game has different graphics, and it makes the game play even more interesting.


Just like graphics and video quality, audio is also extremely indulging. Players can enjoy various audio qualities as each game is unique in its characteristics. Overall, audio quality enhances the user experience of the game play.

Recently, Roblox is testing its voice chat feature. The feature is not available for everyone because the company is testing out all the glitches and possible abuses by scammers, to ensure children get the safest game. If you have a verified profile, and not underage, you can sign up to use voice chat feature.

Roblox Age Appropriation

As per ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), Roblox is safe for children 10 and up. There are chat filters that censor any crass words with the symbol hashtag. The filters are more robust for children under thirteen years of age. There is some level of fantasy violence, nudity, and bullying reported in game play. Parents are required to monitor for any activities they may not be suitable for age and preferences.

roblox child safety

How to Enable Safety for Children?

Here is an easy way to ensure your child has access to only safe games and contact while playing Roblox.

  • After installing Roblox, log in to the account 
  • Now go to account setting and click on gear icon
  • Then select privacy
  • In this section, under Contact Settings and Other Settings select No One or Friends

It is also advised to enable Account Restrictions (there are several options for users over 13 years of age)

Roblox’s Strict Policies

Roblox works on strict policies and is constantly monitoring the users for any inappropriate behavior. There are various reasons a user can get banned from the game for a day, month, year or even permanently. The protocols are in-place to ensure that the children are not vulnerable to scammers, abusers, and person who displays misconduct in any form.


Roblox is an absolute favorite for gamers and creators of all age around the world. It has bring people together for similar interest. People have known to make friends on the platform. Since user can interact and socialize, the Gen Z and Gen Alpha who complain of feeing lonely, can curb this problem.

Even after years of inception, they game continue to keep the user hooked for the unique and entertaining experience user get. There is no bound or preference to play Roblox. Whether you enjoy playing arcade games, or entertainment, there is something for everyone.